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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Security Update

Not very good news. There were 2 house break-ins.

1. SS20/10 (Northern Zone) - House break-in. Thieves broke into the house with knives when there were   still people inside the house.

2. SS20/15 (Central Zone) - House break-in. Nobody were in the house. Owner only knew of it when he came back from work.

It has been noticed that when it's nearing festivities like Hari Raya Puasa or Chinese New Year, there would be a spate of house break-ins, so let's be more vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police.

Important numbers to note:
Bilik Gerakan Polis Bukit Aman: 03-2031 9999

Petaling Jaya Police: 03-7966 2222

SS20 Mobile Police Hotline: 016-684 0009

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