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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Launch of new police program in Damansara

Last night saw the launch of a pilot program of MPVs (moblie police vehicles) patrolling the Damansara area whereby they will stop occasionally to announce their presence through loudspeakers informing the public on how to contact the police. This is also aimed for a closer rapport between the police and the residents. 

So do not be alarmed if an MPV stops right in front of your house. Feel free to approach the police if you need any information or have any questions.

Damansara Utama OCS Insp Zul was present for the launch and explained the objective of the program in the area. 

It was also community policing night for the residents. Residents patrolled on bicycles and on feet while the police patrolled on motorbikes and police cars. They started the patrol from the Central Zone cabin to the Southern Zone cabin. Handy torchlights were distributed to the patrollers by the RT.

Our new councillor, Ir. Lee Suet Sen was also present to meet the residents. Residents are encouraged  to apply for the free LED lights from MBPJ. 
The LED lights will be installed at the back of the house and is aimed at lighting up the back lanes. The lamps and installation cost will be borned by MBPJ while residents will have to pay for the monthly electricity bill which I understand will be less than RM2 a month.

Application form for the LED lights can be downloaded at the MBPJ website.

The night ended with a drink at the Central Zone Cabin

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