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Monday, June 25, 2012

Thieves resurfacing in neighbouring TTDI

Recent incidents in TTDI, reported by TTDI residents

June 21
A friend almost became snatch theft victim in ttdi in front of the esso station. 2 guys on a bike was pulling on her bag till she fell. She screamed continuously and one of them got off the bike to attack her. Lucky another friend was passing by in a car saw, stopped and started honking continuously. We heard it from across the street and ran towards her and they gave up and left . This is about 200m from the police station

June 22
Last Friday, around 2pm I saw a very unsuspecting smartly dressed Chinese male walking along Jalan Helmi 10 side lane. As he was in office attire, I thought he was just another innocent guy walking . After few minutes later, he tried to break in neighbor’s car that was parked at side lane near Jalan Helmi 9. I and my son shouted to get neighbors’ attention and he ran away. I
immediately informed Balai TTDI just to get them to do some work. Within five minutes few policemen were dispatched to the scene to get clearer description of the guy. Initially, I thought this thief must have left TTDI and no way police could find him and maybe the police just doing ‘some formality’ to pay a visit because I alerted them. Without realizing, in about 15minutes more than 10 policemen dropped by at the scene and ensued to search for this guy and many
of them were in plainclothes. Soon after, while we neighbors still chatting of what had happened earlier, we were so surprised that a police came and informed that the guy has been caught! Later the police informed that this car thief confessed that he has been doing this job nearly 7 years! Lesson learnt; just call the police to do ‘some work’ even if you think that they can’t do much. Kudos Polis TTDI!                    

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