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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Security Update from Police - 14 Aug 2013

3 reported incidents

Car theft at Jalan SS20/18
Mitsubishi Triton parked on Road 18 stolen between 9 -11 Aug while owner was away on holiday.

Car theft at Jalan SS20/1
Car parked at Jalan SS20/1 stolen. Car belonged to outsider (not SS20 resident).

Money changer was travelling from Tropicana City Mall when a car knocked his car from behind in front of Glomac. Money changer came out to check his car, a couple of men came out from the other car and robbed him of his money.
A 3-metre python was caught at Road 10 in the Northern Zone. There have also been sightings of snakes in the Central Zone.

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