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Sunday, October 15, 2017

No more dumping of rubbish

Big blooms of osmoxylon flower heads at our landscaped entrance. Beautification of our entrance has not only served to give us a pleasing sight but has also stopped dumping of rubbish at the area. 

But more importantly, it has drawn out young people to give a helping hand at watering the plants there. Thank you Chai Yin! So sweet of you! 


Mulberry Picking Fun

11 Oct 2017 

Mulberry picking fun at Mr NK Leong's mini 'mulberry orchard'. 7 mulberry trees have been planted at the edge of the field. 
However, fun was short-lived because we had to stop for MBPJ to carry out their fogging.

Mulberries are said to be high in antioxidants and good for health. They taste good too. Thank you for the berries. Let's plant more of them!



Joint Mid-Autumn & Deepavali Festivals Celebration

To further foster a closely knitted harmonious community, the RA SS20 Central Zone organised a joint Mid-Autumn & Deepavali Festival celebration on 6 October 2017. The celebration showcased the traditional lantern procession and traditional Indian dance performed by the residents.
The lantern procession was led by the RA Chairman and MBPJ Councillors.
The attendance was overwhelming at about 130 persons of all ages. MBPJ Councillors, Police personnel and guests from neighbouring SS20 Zones joined in the celebration.

Nasi bryani ayam gam Johor and other delicacies like moon cakes, valei, curry mutton, curry chicken and cakes were served. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Spread the awareness

4 Oct 2017
With the support and cooperation of MBPJ, RA SS20 CENTRAL introduced and handed over the MBPJ oil recycle drum to SMK Damansara Utama for their use in the school canteen.
As the school canteen produces a lot of waste cooking oil, we hope to spread awareness and education to the canteen operators as well as to the school children on recycling of used cooking oil and try to reduce the pollution to our drains and waterways as much as possible.
The RA’s oil recycling drum is placed at the guardhouse which is used by our residents for collection of used cooking oil and is collected by MBPJ when full. 


Demo on Urban Vegetable Farming & Hands-on Preparation of Vegetable Bed

3 Oct 2017

Demo on using compost to grow vegetables by our very own RA SS20 Central Chairman, Mr NK Leong and hands-on preparation of vegetable beds.
Lots of excitement for young and old at the Gardening Club Meeting as the residents got their hands dirty digging into the soil, preparing the bed and sowing the seeds. Everyone was brimming with delight when they went home with their planter boxes with freshly sown vegetable seeds. Great family bonding and community integration. Planter boxes, soil and seeds were all provided by the RA.
Snacks included sandwiches and blue jelly made from homegrown bunga telang for natural colouring, specially prepared by Carole Loke of the Social Committee. 
Ended with gifts for all the children who had adopted the Tecoma trees in the Central Zone field.
Till the next Gardening Club meeting when we see the fruits of our labour!