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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Security Alert - 26 March 2011

At 11:09 am this morning, Saturday, 26 Mar 2011, an intruder, opened the gate of a house in Jalan SS20/14, walked in casually and locked the occupants inside the house with a padlock.
The owner of the house, his wife and maid were locked inside. On hearing footsteps, the wife saw the intruder searching the cabinet at the porch and alerted her husband. The intruder then casually walked out of the gate.

CCTV image showed the intruder to be a young, thin man with long hair and looked like an Indonesian. He was alone and came on a motorbike. He was wearing a white helmet and wore his blazer on the front (pls see picture).

Please call the police if you happen to see someone with the above description riding around your neighbourhood.

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