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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Advice from one of our residents

I was recently approached at home (SS20/13) by some individuals who offered private fogging services in my home compound at 11.30am on 16/3/13 (Saturday). I would like to urge all residents of SS20 NOT to allow these people to fog their homes for several reasons:
1. I work with the Ministry of Health and FYI, fogging is best done at dawn/dusk  when the Aedes mosquito is most active. The air temperature at those times is also more suitable for the dispersion of insecticide.

2. Secondly, fogging services are provided FOC by the District Health Office/MBPJ, and that is only after they have received reports of Dengue Fever in that neighbourhood. SS20 is NOT A DENGUE-PRONE AREA and as such there is no role for routine fogging. Continued exposure of these insecticides will only serve to increase the resistance of the mosquitoes to these chemicals.
3. When there is patchwork fogging (such as those provided by these private contractors), all it serves to do is to chase the mosquitoes into your neighbours' homes!
If you have a mosquito problem, I would urge you to look for hidden breeding areas (flower pots, rubbish bins, clogged drains/gutters, even toilet cisterns which have not been flushed for a long time) and ensure that there is no still water in these areas.
Kind regards,
JK Au Yong

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