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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Security Update

1) Snatch theft at Jalan SS20/2 (South Zone, not gated and guarded) last week at 10:30pm.
Suspect came on a motorbike, tried to snatch girl's bag but the girl threw her bag into her compound. The suspect managed to get away with the girl's handphone.

2) Try not to go to the bank ATMs at night.
At 11pm last week, a man was slashed at the neck at one of the banks in TTDI.
The victim went to deposit his cash at the ATM. Suddenly someone stood very close to him. The robber was hiding in between the ATMs. When the victim turned around, the robber slashed his neck and asked for money. The robber did not want the handphone. The victim gave him the money. Then someone else entered the ATM area and was also robbed. 
Police investigation found that normally the accomplices who act as lookout will be in 2 cars parked outside the bank.

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