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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Recognition of work well done

After the outbreak of a few dengue cases in the SS20 neighbourhood, the Environmental Committee of the RA SS20 Central organized a dengue round 2 months ago to create awareness among the residents and also to identify the potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Following that, the committee made a request to MBPJ to clean up the Central Zone.

With the help from the Solid Waste Management & Public Sanitary Dept as well as the City Landscape Greenery Dept from MBPJ, trees and bushes were trimmed, drains were unclogged and cleaned.

On Saturday, 13 June, the RA SS20 Central organized an appreciation lunch for the MBPJ contract workers who worked diligently to help keep our area clean and free from dengue. 

We would also like to remind residents to check their homes and surrounding areas regularly to ensure that there is no stagnant water. 


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