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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Security Guards need to be more responsible .......

Received the following email from a resident regarding the attitude of the security guards in the Northern Zone ......

"Just to let you know in case other people are facing the same issue.

I'm an owner of a house under renovation on 20/10 facing TTDI, and was informed by the contractor that 2 guys on motor bikes came over this morning asking for money and threatened to beat up the workers. According to them, when they went to the security guys for help, they were given the cold shoulder.

I was planning to sign up for the security program once I moved in, but this incident is not encouraging. I understand that it is difficult to stop outsiders from driving in, but they (security guards) should be more responsive when called for. I hope that you can highlight this incident so that the rest of the neighbors are aware."

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