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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1st Inaugural Annual General Meeting - 18 Aug 2013

The 1st Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the RA SS20 Zon Sentral held on Sunday went well. There was a pretty good turnout despite the rain. The election of office bearers also went smoothly without a hitch.

Also present at the event were ADUN YB Yeo Bee Yin and her assistant, Mr. Billy Wong, RT SS20 Chairman Puan Eileen Thong and invited guests from the Northern and Southern Zone.

Elections of the office bearers was chaired by Mr. Chung from the Northern Zone.

The elected office bearers are:
1) Chairman                  –    Dato’ Dr. Vincent Ng
2) Deputy Chairman     –    Dato’ Koh Kia Lim
3) Secretary                   –    Mr. Hui Seng Kit
4) Asst Secretary          –    Mr. Fam Siew Keong
5) Treasurer                   –    Mr. Chua Piak Chwee

Three sub-committees were formed, namely, Security, Social and Environment.
We will provide a complete list of the committee members once we receive it from the Secretary.

Congratulations to the newly elected members and we hope that the new team will work towards better security and cleaner environment so that SS20 will continue to prosper!

Registration Point

Meeting in progress

Suresh (Southern Zone) explaining how technology can contribute to improved security

Newly elected RA Chairman, Dato' Dr Vincent Ng addressing the residents

YB Yeo Bee Yin saying a few words

RT SS20 Chairman, Puan Eileen congratulating Dato' Dr. Vincent with YB Yeo and Dato' Koh

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