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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snatch Thief on Road 6 (1st Day Of Raya)

  • 8:45 AM snatch thief was in front of house 46 and tried to rob a foreigner lady walking on the road
  • Victim threw her bag into house 46. Victim ran off
  • Thief climbed the gate to retrieve the handbag.
  • Thief escaped on motorbike. 2 of them.
  • Motorbike license plate BJN664. Pink helmet.
  • I called the police station (DU) to report the incident at 8:53am.
  • Police came later, robber had left.
  • Dom and William went in a car around southern zone to try spot the thief, could not find.
  • Returned to respective houses at approx 9:45am.
Please be aware during this festive season due to opportunist thieves. Take care everyone.

Reported by Dominic

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