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Friday, March 11, 2011

MRT Noise Level

One of our residents was at the Department of Environment and he obtained the above diagram on noise level mapping from the MRT EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) report.

1) Almost the whole of SS20 will experience noise level above 70 dB(A), except the areas around the Southern zone field.

2) SS20/10 Northern zone will be within the 80 dB(A) contour, while houses behind SS20/10 will experience 75 dB(A)

3) Some comparisons on what the above dB(A) noise level means:

a) Train whistle at 150 metres away, or Truck Traffic = 90 dB(A)
b) City Traffic (inside car) = 85 dB(A)
c) Kerbside of busy road at 5 metres away= 80 dB(A)
d) Telephone dial tone = 80 dB(A)
e) Vacuum cleaner, 1 metre away = 70 dB(A)
f) Conversational speech, 1 metre away = 60 dB(A)

4) The Selangor DOE permissible noise level from factories = less than 70 dB(A) in the day time and less than 60 dB(A) at night. For factories next to residential areas, the permissible noise level is even lower.

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