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Friday, December 29, 2017

Striving for a sense of community

Read about the SS20 Central community in the PJKITA community portal.

The residents’ association of SS20 Central, like many other similar to it began out of the need for security.  Now, it has found its stride in building a sense of community in the neighbourhood.

Text by Amir Imran
Photos by Teoh Eng Hooi
Welcomed by the well kept grounds and CCTV installations, it is easy to see that this neighbourhood is not like any other. For one, there is a noticeable lack of litter on the streets as if magical elves are tasked with ensuring the cleanliness.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"
to all our friends and their families

Sunday, December 17, 2017

We won MBPJ Sustainable Community Award 2017

15 Dec 2017
Yeh! RA SS20 CENTRAL is the 4th place winner in the MBPJ Sustainable Community Award 2017.

Although we did not get the prize that we were aiming for, we feel really blessed that this is the 2nd consecutive year that we have received recognition from MBPJ for making efforts in community sustainability and doing our part in protecting the environment.

More importantly, there is fostering of closer ties within the community and we are able to draw the youths to participate in our programmes. Our neighbourhood has also become very much safer, cleaner and greener. 
Residents feel a sense of ownership and pride in the Central Zone. Our field is one of the best kept fields. Many people, young and old, choose to come to our field to relax, play and exercise. We have been told many times that SS20 Central Zone is one of the best neighbourhood in PJ and many prospective buyers are looking for a house in our area.

We wish to thank the following people who have always been there to help and support us:-

a) YB Yeo Bee Yin, ADUN Damansara Utama & her staff
b) Cik Jamaliah Jamaluddin, MBPJ Councillor Zone 9
c) Mr Lee Lih Shyan, Director JPSPPA, MBPJ & his staff
d) Pn Zuraidah Sainan, Director Landscape, MBPJ & her staff
e) Polis Balai Damansara
and of course, all our residents who have contributed much and supported our activities and programmes.