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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Attempted Snatch Theft from a Car

Snatch thieves no longer use motorcycles to commit crimes nowadays. They are now using cars instead.

In a latest attempt on Tueday, two snatch thieves used a multi-purpose vehicle to grab a woman's gold chain. However, the woman narrowly escaped them in Desa Aman Puri, in Kepong.

In the incident which occured at 12.26pm, the footage was captured via a dashboard camera by another motorist. The video that was submitted to Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign by Lim Kwee Han.

The video showed the woman walking past a stationary car before a man in the front passenger seat pounced on her in attempt to grab her chain.

However, the woman struggled to fend off the attacker and managed to escape.

Civilians are advised to be on constant alert for the car with the number plate, ADN 1555.

Desa Jaya police station official said the woman has yet to make a police report on the case.

He said the victm should make a report at the nearest station to help police in their investiagtion into the crime.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Seeing red over removal of security barriers

Taking action: MBPJ enforcement officers removing the barriers put up along Jalan SS22/41 and Jalan SS22/2 in Damansara Jaya during the operation.

RESIDENTS in SS22, Damansara Jaya are angry after the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) removed barriers in their neighbourhood.
They said MBPJ had acted in a high-handed manner by removing the barriers put up for their security along two roads in the area.
“There was no attempt to discuss the matter or even inform us about the action,” said Damansara Jaya Residents and Owners Association (DJROA) chairman Datuk Yew Cheng Hoe.
He said Damansara Jaya was one of the first neighbourhoods to implement and register its gated-and-guarded scheme with MBPJ.
He said a copy of DJROA’s application to implement the scheme was sent to the mayor’s office in 2008.    Read more  .......

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Police seek help to tackle crime with CCTV

DCP Mazlan Lazim showing the ‘Safe Cam’ sign to be posted at premises during a briefing at the police headquarters in Kota Baru. — Bernama

KOTA BARU: Police have sought the cooperation of 20 government and private agencies in the state to tackle crime via closed circuit television (CCTV).
Kelantan deputy police chief Datuk Mazlan Lazim said under the Safe Camprogramme launched last year by the Home Ministry, owners of premises with CCTVs could assist the police by letting them have the recording of crime incidents in their area.
“We called them today for a briefing on the Safe Cam programme before initiating a memorandum of understanding with them on crime prevention.
“Among the advantages of being in the programme is that police will be patrolling their area more frequently,” he said in conjunction with the briefing at the state police contingent headquarters here yesterday.
The Safe Cam programme is an initiative under the 1Aman-United Against Crime campaign listed in the government’s transformation programme to reduce crime. — Bernama

House burglars are at it again

PETALING JAYA: Home burglars have started their activities again after a few months of lying low.
Selangor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said there were indications that these gangs, some of whom included professional thieves from Latin America, had resurfaced.
“However, most of the house break-ins are committed by opportunistic criminals who are from the area,” he told reporters yesterday during the Bandar Puteri Community Security Carnival held near the Puteri 7 police station in Puchong.
He said he had attended numerous community functions to remind house owners to be vigilant in securing their homes.   Read more ....   

Monday, October 21, 2013

Attempted robbery at Southern Zone

Reported by Dom, Southern Zone
Sunday, 20 Oct 2013

Attempted robbery at Jalan SS20/8 around 6:20pm.
Owner left gate and door closed but both were not locked. Robber failed to steal anything and dashed away. Suspect came in MYVI. Owner called DU police station. Police came a few minutes later.

Jalan SS20/8 is guarded from 7pm. Guards have not started duty yet.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mammogram - Free at DSH funded by MBPJ

The American Cancer Society recommends that a woman after the age of 40 should receive a yearly mammogram which can detect 85 to 90% of all breast cancers even before you feel a lump.

MBPJ is sponsoring free mammogram for PJ female residents of  age 40 - 69 years. You may get this mammogram done at the SS20 Damansara Specialist Hospital. 

Just walk in to the X-ray department and fill up a form. It is suggested you go in the afternoon as the morning session is always busy.

The average cost of a mammogram is around RM180 at a private hospital.  So enjoy this benefit funded by MBPJ. 

MBPJ Dismantles Boom Gates

18 October Report: MBPJ dismantles boom gates and barriers in three PJ neighbourhoods

Story and photos by Vincent Tan

Heavy-duty - the council employing a backhoe to knock down a tethering pole in Jalan BU 6/6, Bandar Utama 

Residents in three Petaling Jaya neighbourhoods received a surprise visit from Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) officers yesterday.

The officers came to remove boom gates and other road obstructions in the areas.
The operation, led by MBPJ Engineering Department assistant director Noraini Mohd Din, involved Winchester Ara Damansara, Bandar Utama precinct BU 6 and Damansara Jaya SS22.

The officers used a heavy-duty welding torch to cut a wheeled gate at the intersection of Jalan PJU 1A/43 and Jalan PJU 1A/43E.

Council lorries were used to dispose of the parts.    Read more ....  
Notification for residents: Enforcement officers handling over a notification slip to Winchester Ara Damansara RA committee member Say Kim Kuan.

The dismantled wheeled-gate at Jalan PJU 1A/43-Jalan PJU 1A/43e, which was removed by MBPJ officers in a three-area operation yesterday morning.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

RA SS20 Central hosts their inaugural annual dinner

The dinner was held on Thursday, 17 Oct at the Central Zone Cabin. It was well attended by almost 100 people, members and guests.

Guests for the night were YB Tony Pua, representatives from RT, Southern and Northern Zone RA, Insp Zul Azri (OCS Balai Polis DU), DSP Jipa, Sgt Hamdan and other police personnel.

The dinner was also a pre-celebration of Deepavali as well as to bid farewell to DSP Jipa who has retired and Sgt Hamdan who will be transferred to Kota Tinggi.

The night began with the welcome speech by Dato' Dr Vincent Ng, Chairman of RA SS20 Central. He thanked all the RA members who were so supportive of the RA and pledged to have more activities and community projects that are beneficial to the community.

This was followed by a speech from YB Tony Pua. YB is very supportive of our RA activities which include social, security and environmental. 

Specifically for security activities, YB Tony reiterated his understanding that our local police force is performing their duties as best as they could with the limited personnel. However, residents continue to fear for their security and carry out various actions like employing security guards, closing roads, etc. 
Some of these actions run foul of the local authorities and YB Tony has consistently emphasized the need for these authorities to view each Taman’s uniqueness in their layout and connectivity to other areas when allowing these security actions. 
The residents’ actions are solely to make their own area safer and local authorities should focus their effort on more pressing issues like illegal stickers/posters, shop operators occupying public parking bays and unhygienic eateries, to name a few.

Residents enjoyed their buffet dinner and appetizers were sponsored by the CP Group which also sold some of their food products at a discounted price to the delight of the members. The night ended with many members going home with bags filled with frozen foodstuff.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robbery at SS21/11 Damansara Utama

Received the following email from Damansara Jaya Residents and Owners Association (DJROA)

"This happened on 15/10/13 about 9.00pm at SS21/11 Damansara Utama. 
Four Chinese men, well-dressed, travelling in a Mercedes, stopped in front of a 2-storey terrace house, prised open the auto gates, rushed in with parang to the grill door and rapidly prised it open. 
A family member watching TV in the house, on hearing the noise, wondered what happened outside, unlatched the main timber door to take a look. The robbers simply rushed in. Within 5 minutes, they robbed the family of cash and valuables, and fled in their Mercedes car.

What could the security guards do to help? Apparently nothing! They only knew when the victims reported after the robbers had disappeared.

Such robbers can easily pass through security guards and drive around the residential area looking for easy targets. Once they spot an opportunity, they can act very fast. They are well-equipped with crow-bars, huge spanners, parang, etc. They are experts in house breaking. They act so fast that by the time the security guards smell anything, if at all, these criminals have fled. Don't even think of the police arriving to catch them.

Be alert always. This can happen to anyone, anytime. Always lock your gates, grills, doors, and don't hang around outside your house alone, with doors open, as if inviting the robbers to come in. They won't thank you for it. Maybe chop off your head!!"

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bukit Gasing rep Rajiv the latest victim of snatch theft

PETALING JAYA: Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran (pix) became a victim of snatch theft when a man grabbed his iPad from his hands while he was having breakfast in Jalan Othman here on Monday.
Rajiv was seated alone at a coffee shop and reading the news at 10.30am when the thief dashed through the shop and grabbed his iPad.
“He ran out and hopped on to a motorbike (with an accomplice) that was waiting. A guy in the restaurant tried to chase after them but they were too fast.
“It all happened in a few seconds and I was in such a state of shock that I couldn’t react,” Rajiv said, adding that he had lodged a police report on the matter. .... read more .....  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Update - Attempted robbery

Sorry, wrong info. It was attempted robbery at Jalan SS20/18, not attempted house break-in.

A couple came out of their car and was going to their house when 2 Indians on a motorbike (no lights on motorbike) approached them.
One of them pulled out a knife and asked for the lady's handbag. There was a commotion, someone in the house came out with an umbrella and hit the suspect. The lady also kicked the suspect. The suspect's knife fell and the knife sheath fell off. The suspect got away without getting anything.

Attempted house break-in

Attempted house break-in at Jalan SS20/18 - just happened. Victim struggled with intruder. Intruder escaped and left a knife sheath at the crime scene. Suspects - 2 Indians in their 30's on motorbike. Nothing stolen.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Residents Association SS20 Zone Sentral - Membership Update

Last night the 3-month old RA SS20 Zon Sentral registered its 100th Member.
The response from the residents in SS20 Central Zone has been very encouraging.
We will continue the membership drive and hope to cover every household in the zone.

The distribution of our membership:

By Membership Categories

Membership Categories
No. of Members
Life Members
Ordinary Members
Associate Members

Membership by Gender

No. of Members

Membership by Roads

No. of Members
Other SS20 (Associates)
Outside SS20 (Associates)
Note: SS20/19 – No houses

Friday, October 11, 2013

Security Alert

Watch out for a thin-face man (looks like Malay or Indonesian) on a motorbike. 
He wears an orange jacket with reflective strips.  He appeared like a MBPJ contractor in charge of cleaning or waste collection.
He has been going around SS20 this morning, harassing ladies at the Central Zone and Southern Zone, tried to snatch somebody’s chain and managed to snatch a maid’s handset at the Southern Zone padang.

If you see him, please alert the police at 016 – 3199 199.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Security update from police - 10 Oct 2013

1. House break-in today at Jalan SS20/2. The police could not provide more information because the computer system was down at the police station.

2. Our SS20 police hotline is  016 – 3199 199
Please call the above number if you see any suspicious activity. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We Are in the STAR News!!

The Moon Cake Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration jointly organised by the Residents Association SS20 Central Zone and Rukun Tetangga SS20 Damansara Utama on 22nd September 2013 was featured in the STAR Metro today.

Well done, thank you and congratulations to the organisers, residents and the police for the successful event.
Everyone, young and old, had a joyous time.
We look forward to more of such activities with the full participation of the residents.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Police e-Sektor

The police has started a e-Sektor to gather information of all residents.
The exercise started on 1 October 2013.
The police personnel will be calling upon all houses to collect data of households as shown in the form below.
According to the police, the objective of the exercise is to develop a database of all households for security reasons. For example if there is a reported robbery the police would be able to contact the house owner based on the information in the database.
For further information, call the police personnel listed in the form.

Security Briefing from Police - 3 October 2013

There was a house break-in at Jalan SS20/20 on 28 September 2013 between 6 pm to 9 pm.
Residents were not in.
Reported loss: computer notebook, iPad, branded watches and cash.

Medical website offering advice on health issues launched

PETALING JAYA: Need solutions when it comes to medical problems? Worry no more as the Malaysian Medical Gazette (MMG) is there to help you.
Formed under the umbrella of the Malaysian Integrated Medical Professionals Association (MIMPA), MMG is an online website created by medical experts to share their expertise on health issues.
MMG was officially launched online on Sept 29 by the Director General of Health Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.
The website started on Sept 19, 2013 and so far, the response has been encouraging. According to Dr Dhesi Baha Raja the Malaysian community is very receptive of the efforts and initiative of the MMG.
Their ultimate aim is to educate the public to make wise decisions when it comes to health matters.    Read more .....