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Monday, May 14, 2012

You can stare down killer dogs

AGGRESSIVENESS: The killer dog attack on 74-year-old jogger Yip Sin Hua in Subang Jaya, Selangor, on Tuesday spooked many people and sparked discussions on the tendency of restricted breeds to kill. Dog trainers G. Siva and Shashi Kumar tell Tan Choe Choe that such aggression is not breed-specific behaviour

Question: If I'm a jogger, how can I prevent a dog from thinking that I'm running away like prey whenever I pass through? Do I stop and walk whenever I pass by the house?
Siva: You cannot stop at every house that keeps a dog. If the dog keeps on barking, you must warn the owner. The owner has the responsibility to keep the dog from harming others. But if the dog attacks you, try your best to face the dog.
The dog will not hang on to you if they're not trained. They're like wolves; they like to bite and jump back. Attack and withdraw.
On its own, it would not try to bring you down. As a pack, it may. In this case, I suspect the dog chased the jogger and knocked into him from the back, and the impact caused him to fall.  Read more ........... 

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