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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Security Alert

Have been informed that there was an attempted house break-in at Jalan SS20/10 in the Northern Zone this morning and the security guard at the Northern Zone also reported his motorbike stolen today.

Furthermore, a minimart at Jalan SS20/11 was also robbed last night by parang wielding Indian men who came on 4 motorbikes. Police managed to arrest 2 robbers that they traced through a broken number plate found at the scene.

Residents, please be careful and stay alert!


  1. Hi, May I know an estimated time the attempted house break-in at Jalan SS20/10 happened?

    Would you also have any advice which may help prevent such things from happening to others?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Not sure what time it actually happened but if you're staying in the Northern Zone, you can check with your security committee chairman.

    1. Be vigilant, look out for any unfamiliar/suspicious looking vehicles (e.g vehicles with heavily tinted windows)or persons going around the area or stopping near your house, then call the SS20 police hotline 016-6840009. Even if it's turns out to be nothing, it's ok to call them to check.
    2. Useful to have a burglar alarm
    3. If away from home for a while, let your neighbours know.
    4. Get to know your neighbours and try to participate in your zone's community policing day/night. The police will be there and you can talk to them if you have any security issues