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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Notification - Stray Dogs

Dear Residents,

The number of stray dogs in SS20 Central Zone have increased and they wander on all the roads looking for food. As most of you know, there is one pack of around 6-8 animals. They have now become a real threat as one of our residents was recently bitten by a stray dog. 

We do not want any more cases of residents, their children or school students being bitten by these stray dogs. While we have studied several options over the last 3-4 months (for example catching them, spaying and then release, to eventually reduce their population) we have no option now but to contact MBPJ to come to SS20 Central Zone and catch these dogs to send them to PAWS (PAWS Animal Welfare Society). We are in contact with the MBPJ Health Department.

We would like to inform all residents who have dogs to keep them within your house compound, as any dog wandering on the roads may be mistaken as a stray dog and may be caught by MBPJ. The MBPJ guideline is when you take your dog out of your compound, it MUST be on a leash.  

The RA will not be responsible for any of the residents' dogs caught by MBPJ while wandering on the roads. 

Thank you and regards,

Dr. Joe 
Environmental Committee Chairman
RA SS20 Central

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