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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Security Update - Thursday, 11 Nov 2010

One of the many ways thieves can enter your house!

1) House break-in at SS20/1

2) SS20/14 - House break-in between 11 am and 3:30pm on Sat, 6 Nov.
The thief removed a panel from the front timber door and crawled in without triggering the burglar alarm. He stole a computer notebook, ransacked the whole house and went off through the same hole in the door.

3) Attempted carjacking on Sat night, 6 Nov. Two well dressed young Chinese men tried to carjack one of our resident’s car on the LDP just after the U-turn leading to SS20/21. One of the men was armed with a fake pistol.

4) SS20/16 – House break-in at around 10:30 am on Thurs, 11 Nov. The thief broke off a piece of glass on the front sliding door and crawled in. He triggered the burglar alarm, cut the back door lock and escaped through the back door. He was not able to steal anything.

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