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Monday, November 14, 2011

Safe City Programme

Fighting crime with better design and layout
Some tips of homeowners
Ÿ             Avoid having concrete beams, large plants and tall shrubs that are too close to the fence and building.
Ÿ             Have fencing which offers visibility and has an anti-climbing design, while shrubbery should be below 0.9m in height.
Ÿ             Trees and plants must always be pruned so that the residence does not become too shady and dark. Also, sufficient lighting at the back area.
Ÿ             Get to know the neighbours and the neighbourhood.


  1. I can't agree more - thanks for the tip! Now, what do we do with neighbours with unkempt gardens? We have tried everything, from talking, pleading to writing, but our neighbour on Jalan SS20/14 (you can't miss this house!!!) continues to keep his jungle of a garden crowded with untrimmed shrubs, so dense that it would easily hide a whole army of Ali Baba & his 40 thieves! Please advise...thanks!

  2. Ha..ha.. I believe I know which house you're refering to. Have you tried getting the other neighbours who live nearby and all of you try to talk to him at the same time? I have forwarded your comments to the RT for advice...