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Friday, February 10, 2012

Selangor CPO visits SS20

SS20 residents were pleasantly surprised when told that the Selangor CPO, Dato’ Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah will be on a walkabout and doing some high profile policing in Damansara. Not only that he will also be visiting them on their regular Thursday Community Policing night.

So on the night of 9 Feb 2012, they warmly welcomed the Selangor CPO who arrived with his entourage of police officers from IPK Selangor and numerous senior officers to encourage the SS20 community on their proactive partnership with the police to reduce crime.

Arrival of Selangor CPO

The CPO took a tour of the Central Zone Community Policing Cabin with Puan Eileen Thong and Dato' Koh.

CPO signing in our visitor's book at the Central Zone Community Policing Cabin
The CPO told us that his men are always there to help us and encouraged us to call them whenever we face any security problems. He also shared some crime prevention tips with the residents like it's not advisable to build high walls around our houses as this will block visibility thus offering opportunities for intruders to enter our homes.

Some residents also took the opportunity to have the CPO autograph the book  ‘Beyond Policing – The Strategic Shift’ which was co-authored by him..

The CPO and his senior officers then launched the Bicycle Patrolling Squad initiated by Dato’ Koh. Later, mandarin oranges were presented to the police.

Launch of Bicycle Squad


With the Head of Commercial Crime
 It was an informal meeting where the police mingled freely and chatted with the residents like one big happy family and residents were captivated by the charming and friendly personality of the CPO!

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