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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wedding Celebration

SS20 residents organised breakfast this morning at the cabin in the Central Zone to mark the marriage of Police Officer Sharil. Dato Koh, Chairman of the Central Zone Security Committee, presented a wedding gift to Sharil and his wife on behalf of all the residents.

Puan Eileen (in red blouse) with (L to R) Kpl Azmi and wife, Kpl Zahrein's wife and son, Sharil and wife

Sharil and wife (seated). Mr. Chung, Robert and Kpl Zahrein (standing)

Our generous Mr. Leong who always sponsor breakfast and chinese tea at the cabin

Mrs. Leong and her Japanese neighbour
Dato' Koh presenting gift to Sharil and wife

David, our cabin manager and Kpl Azmi

Kpl Azmi's wife, Dr. Joe and Selina

Kpl Zahrein's wife and son

Members of the Community Policing Team

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