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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Know your councillor

The Selangor Time - June 15-17 2012
First time councillor Lee Suet Sen aims to address traffic snarls in his zone by coordinating monitoring efforts by the MBPJ.  
The councillor for Zone 9, which includes Damansara Kim, SS19 and SS17A, says residents are far from happy with construction works along Jalan Damansara.
He says the ongoing development along the boundary separating PJ and KL bogs down traffic heading onto the LDP.

"We are getting MBPJ Engineering Dept to do a study on how to alleviate the problem", says the 42-year old civil engineer.

The PJ mayor has also called for a meeting between the council and the developers, which he hopes will be held in a month's time.

Lee, who has his own business and attends to council matters in his free time, says the most challenging aspect of being a councillor is following up on plans.

"Small or big matter, we must have consistent follow-up. We need to have a culture of making things happen," he stresses.

He gives an example of how a collapsed riverbank in Damansara Bistari was not promptly addressed which he blames on unresponsive government depts.

The councillor says his own organisation, which has many ideas to improve traffic and landscaping, has to work harder to put thoughts into action.
Lee operates from his service centre at the basement level of Menara MBPJ but he also keeps in touch with the public mostly through phone and email.

"I also meet them at RA meetings. In fact, we are having a town hall meeting on June 21 at the SS20/26 basketball court at 8:30pm", he says.

Despite his hectic schedule, the father of four still finds time for sports and reading.

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