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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weapon used to break car windows

A real incident to share about how someone who almost had her bag snatched while driving in the car. 

"I had an unfortunate encounter this morning within 5mins after leaving home to the office. I was driving to work and stopped my car due to traffic on a single lane road in front of a row of shop. I was looking to the right of my car and within split seconds, the left passenger window was smashed with a hand trying to grab my bag which was placed on the ground of the passenger side. 

I pressed on my car horn furiously and it shocked the robber who was a pillion on the motorbike. He immediately retracted his hand and the rider sped off. In that instance when he was shocked his weapon was left inside my car as well (as attached picture). 

I am very fortunate to be unhurt with no loss of any personal belongings. It was a blessing in disguise and a reminder to be more alert, careful and beware of our surroundings at all times.

As learning to share with fellow females for safety, do note the following and from my own experience…

  • It is a must to have your car windows tinted as it helps to hold the window from smashing into pieces. My car window was held intact with the tint despite it being smashed
  • Do not leave your handbags even on the ground of the passenger side
  • Be alert to surroundings even though you are in the car and the traffic is not moving
  • Press on the horn as it will alert the public surrounding you for attention and it will deter the robbers from doing anything further
According to the police, the weapon is self made from electric cables and industrial plugs which is very hard and able to break windows and glasses with just one smash. Based on the condition of the weapon, it has been used numerous times. Please be careful and do not underestimate a simple item of such which looks harmless."

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