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Monday, February 4, 2013

Snatch theft incident

Some details on the snatch theft incident that happened on Sat morning, Feb 2.

The victim, an 86-year old lady was walking towards the Central Zone field and was about to reach the field when an oncoming car travelling on Jalan SS20/13, flashed its headlights at her.

She moved aside to allow the car to pass but at that instant, an Indian man rushed out from the car, pushed her down and snatched her chain from her neck. She shouted and the residents nearby came out from their houses to help her but could not identify the men and the car as it was too dark.

The incident caused a big bump on the victim's head. Her grand daughter later took her to the Damansara Specialist Hospital for a check. She said her chain did not cost a lot but the scan on her brain cost her over RM600.

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