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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Xianggong 10th Year Anniversary Dinner - 30 Jan 2013

RT SS20 Xianggong group celebrated their 10th year anniversary with a dinner at Extra Super Tanker Restaurant in Damansara Kim on Wednesday night, Jan 30.

The members enjoyed themselves with a fun-filled night of delicious food, Karaoke singing, Gangnam style dancing and lucky draw. 

The group was also very honoured and delighted to have the presence of Mr. Chew Keng Wai, Chairman of the Xianggong Association of KL & Selangor at the dinner. Also present were RT SS20 Deputy Chairman, Dato' Koh, RT Secretary, Miss Ann Martin and RT committee members from the Northern, Central and Southern Zones.

The Xianggong group which started 10 years ago with just a handful of members have grown to close to 50 members now. 

Each mornng, the members who are mostly SS20 residents gather at the field at Jalan SS20/14 at 7am to practise Xianggong with Mr. Andrew Chong leading them.

Mr. Low T L, on behalf of all the Xianggong members, presented Mr. Andrew Chong with a pewter plaque as a token of appreciation for his contribution and dedication to the Xianggong group.

Congratulations to the RT SS20 Xianggong Group and may they have many, many more anniversaries!

Drop us an email if you are interested in joining the RT SS20 Xianggong. 
The class starts at 7 am each morning and classes are free of charge!

RT SS20 Xianggong instructor, Mr. Andrew Chong, giving the welcome speech

RT SS20 Deputy Chairman, Dato' Koh giving his speech

Chairman of Xianggong Association of KL & Selangor, Mr. Chew Keng Wai  receiving a souvenir from Dato' Koh

Mr. Low presenting Andrew with the pewter plaque
Gangnam style dance

Jiran Wanita presenting a song
 Lucky draw prize winners!
Shirley, one of the lucky draw prize winner receiving prize from Mr. Chew Keng Wai
Sally, another lucky draw prize winner receiving prize from Dato' Koh

Karaoke whistling by Robert
Members enjoying themselves with Karaoke singing

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