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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Robbery - 1 Dec 2013

Received the following email from one of our residents.

" I am staying at Jalan SS20/6 and on Sunday, 1.12.2013 @ 3.30pm, I was robbed in front of my house gate (outside) as I got off my car which was parked outside the gate.  An Indian looking man parked his motorbike in front of neighbour’s house and started to take something from the luggage compartment while looking at neighbour’s house – I thought he was delivering a package / letter to neighbour and he suddenly ran to me with a parang and demanded I gave him my handbag – we were about 6 feet away face to face as I managed to step back.  I threw the handbag towards him where he frantically took it which was lying on his feet and he ran to his motorbike and rode towards the other end of the road (not the highway direction) – he in fact came from that direction too, not from highway side.  The number plate was WUW 7940, black coloured motorbike which has the look of a Honda cup (quite seasoned).

He has a moustache, age range 35 to 40 years, height about 5’ 6” and is alone (no accomplice).

This episode was witnessed by a man who was walking from Wisma TA to his car which was parked opposite my house but he rushed to his car and drove off out of fear without assisting me."

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