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Monday, December 2, 2013

Security Alert - 2 Dec 2013

Sun, 1 Dec – 9:30 am
Intruder climbed over gate and tried to take handbag from a house in Road 13. Neighbour shouted, thief ran off and threw the handbag on the road. Nothing was stolen.

Mon, 2 Dec – 7:15 am
Suspicious behavior. Car drove up to a house, a Chinese man went down from the passenger side, pressed door bell.  Owner appeared, man went back into car and drove off.

Mon, 2 Dec – 7:40 am
Attempted house break-in at Road 8. Suspect Honda with plate no. WEW 8678.

Mon, 2 Dec – 8:15 am
House break-in at Road 15. Chinese men armed with parangs broke into house. House owner and wife were still sleeping when they heard noise. The intruders demanded cash. The suspects were seen to have operated from 2 cars, a Mercedes and a Honda. 

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