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Friday, July 11, 2014

Security Scheme South Zone

Security Scheme South Zone: Phase 1 Road SS20/6, 20/8 & 20/9

We refer to our earlier letter dated 29 June 2014. We wish to inform you that after much consideration, observation and deliberation between the committee members and some residents of Road 6, 8 ad 9, we have decided to revised the plan to permanently close Rd 6 exit (adjacent to ТА Securities building). In view of such decision, the timing for the road closure of this exit will be as follows:

11:00 pm to 6:00 am - though this exit will be closed, a guard will be stationed there except when the guard is doing patrolling or needed to cover the other guard in the other exit (near to Rd 11) or attending to personal need or in case of emergency.

We appreciate your consideration, cooperation and understanding on this matter and we sincerely hope for more to participate in our security scheme. The success of our security scheme will definitely be replicated into Phase 2 involving other Roads in South Zone in the near future.

Kindly feel free to speak to any of us in the committee should you have any queries on this matter. Please feel free to contact the security committee via the contact link at

Many thanks and kind regards,
Security Committee.


  1. I understand the need for placing security posts at the designated locations to prevent snatch thieves and burglars from committing crime however this only directs such unwanted traffic to the other roads!

    On top of that, if my memory serves me well, I do recall that road 6 is not a private road. As I entered road 6 heading towards wisma ta, the guard near Ta stopped me and refused to let me pass unless I wound down my window and spoke to him. I then told him I'm an ss20 resident and he said I have to be a resident of road 6 to use the road. Since when did road 6 become a private road? Does MBPJ know of this 'acquisition'?

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  3. Joe, thank you for highlighting the privatisation and acquisition of SS20/6. I have been at the mercy of the guards here for the past one month. Every time, I have to wind down my window to tell these foreigners that I live in the central zone ( albeit the car sticker glaring at them), For the past 26 years, I have been using this road to get to work. Of late, I've been `greeted' by guards who tell you that this is a private road or waving their hands saying that I cannot 'drive through' this road. When did the residents in the south zone `own' this road? Please display the title/permit for the ownership or the closure of SS20/6. Living at the mercy of over zealous residents ( probably those new ones) and foreign guards is the least I expected it to be forthcoming. I believe no road in SS20 has yet to be gazetted as private by the city council. As for S20/6, it was one of the main connecting roadsto Jalan Damansara in the 80s and 90s ( for the info of newer and zealous residents in this area).