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Sunday, November 9, 2014

RA SS20 Central goes green

An informative talk that advocates organic gardening and composting was given by Miss Tan Siew Luang, Organic Farming Project Coordinator from the Centre of Environment, Technology & Development, Malaysia (CETDEM). 

The event, organized by the RA SS20 Central was held at Cabin 8, Central Zone on Saturday morning, 8 Nov 2014.

Present at the event were YB Yeo Bee Yin, MBPJ Councillor Tang, Pn Zaharah Osman, CEO of KPJ Damansara and other hospital personnel, MBPJ officers from Environmental Health Dept and also from the Landscape and Urban Greening Department, Sgt Mat Din and his patrol team, Pn Eileen Thong, RT SS20 Chairman and some members of Bandar Utama RA.

Miss Tan Siew Luang of CETDEM
Organic waste, from the kitchen and the garden, makes up close to 50% of waste generated by the Malaysian household which will usually end up in a landfill. As the organic material rots in the landfill, the greenhouse gas, methane is released. Scientists have linked the increased release of methane into the evironment with global warming. To help address this, we can start composting.


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