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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gotong-Royong to reinstall speed humps

The rubber speed humps at Road 12 and Road 13 near the the guard post had to be removed a few months back to allow the MBPJ contractor to resurface the roads in the Central Zone.

Now that the roads have been resurfaced and the tar has settled, it is time to reinstall the humps but the price quoted by the contractor was way too high.

To save money and to do something good for the community, a group of volunteers which included Philip (RA SS20 Central member), Mr Chung (Treasurer, RA North Zone), Mr Chua (Treasurer, RA SS20 Central) and Mr Hui (Secretary, RA SS20 Central) got together to reinstall the humps themselves.  

Mission was accomplished within 2 hours on Thursday morning (9 Apr) with a bit of help from our security guard.

Great job, guys! Bless you all. You saved the RA a lot of money!

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