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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Dengue Alert

Latest dengue case in Road 14 in the Central Zone.
Victim is a young man in his 20s. This makes a total of 9 cases in the Central Zone.

a. He had onset of fever on Sun, 16 Aug and after a blood test was confirmed it was dengue.

b. His last 1 week's movement details were:
1) Mon, Tues & Fri (10, 11, 14 Aug): he was at his workplace in D'sara Uptown.
2) Sat (15 Aug): he was at Salak South attending a seminar.
3) Other days, he was at home.
4) So far, no other family members or neighbours next door were infected with dengue.

c. Immediate action by the affected household have been taken to contain the spread:
1) Mosquito spray the house to make sure the house is mosquito free. The victim is advised to protect himself from further mosquito bites. The house is netted.
2) All adjoining neighbours have been advised to also mosquito spray their houses and ensure there are no mosquito breeding grounds.

It is suspected that he contracted the dengue virus at his workplace.

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