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Monday, November 23, 2015

Security Alert - House break-in

Break-in entry into one of the houses on Road 17 early Saturday morning, 22 November 2015, at around 1:38 am. 

The entry was through the front grill door, where the thief broke the padlock hinge. The thief who was on foot came into our area through the Road 17 boom gate and left from the same place. He wore long pants and a jacket.

Owner and other residents of the house were sleeping in their respective rooms upstairs. The thief also entered a bedroom which was left unlocked and took several items including cash. A police report has been made by the owner.

Please alert the police if you see single 20-40 year old persons walking around our area in the middle of the night or early morning, and you feel they "should not be there". In the early morning, this thief will probably wear jogging attire.  (Damansara Utama Police Station - 03-77222222).

In the mean time, please continue to practice individual household safety:
- lock your house doors unless you are going in and out,
- close your front gate unless you are at your porch/garden,
- do not leave your car keys in your car

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