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Sunday, July 16, 2017

More trees for our park

13 July 2017

RA SS20 Central believes that every little bit that we do to help the environment counts. 

Trees are awesome. They can clean the air  by filtering off the pollutants. They absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. They can cool the environment too by releasing water vapours into the air.  So in May 2017, we requested for Tecoma trees to be planted in the field to help beautify and green our neighbourhood. 

Tecoma trees in full bloom
With the help of the Landscape Dept of MBPJ, 13 Tecoma trees were planted in the Central Zone field today to help us take a step further towards a green low carbon community. 

The children were really excited to see the new trees in the evening and eagerly helped to water them. Such a beautiful sight to see the kids watering the trees! Also can't wait to see the trees in full bloom!

Special thanks to Pn Zuraidah bt Sainan (Director, Landscape Dept, MBPJ) and her staff for their efficiency, support and help.




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