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Friday, April 19, 2013

Security briefing from police - 18 April 2013

2 cases were reported to the police during the last week

1)    Attempted car theft at Jalan SS20/2

2)    Attempted robbery at Jalan SS20/10. Northern Zone.
Suspects in a car followed a lady to her house in Jalan SS20/10, tried to rob her but gave up when they saw someone come out of the house. She immediately contacted the police and Pn. Eileen, RT SS20 Chairman, for help.

CCTV footage from her house managed to capture the make of the car. The police with the help of a member of the Northern Zone Security Committee, were also able to get the number plate of the car which was recorded by the security guards at the entrance to the Northern Zone.

The police immediately issued a look-out for the suspected car to their network of patrol units.

The suspects’ car was spotted at Kota Damansara. The police followed them to a petrol station in Puchong. One of the suspects stayed in the car while the other suspect went to the washroom. On seeing the police, the suspect, a Malay man, immediately drove off.

The police managed to nab the other suspect, a Chinese man, who was in the washroom. On interrogating him, the police found out that they were also responsible for 2 other attempted house break-ins in Jalan SS20/14 and Jalan SS20/15 recently.

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