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Friday, April 25, 2014

Gated and Guarded Security Scheme

SS20 Central Zone comprising Jalan SS20/12 to Jalan SS20/20 will be implementing the Gated and Guarded Security Scheme effective 1 May 2014. A briefing on the modus operandi of the scheme was held last night (24 April 2014). There was a large turn out of residents to discuss the way the scheme is going to be operated and how it will affect them. With the frequent and rampant criminal incidents in the area, majority of the residents are in full support to implement the security scheme. While some may argue that security is the responsibility of the police, but residents too must share the responsibility in safe-guarding our families from falling prey to criminals. The police will continue their usual patrolling duties in the area to complement and support our guards. It is the residents' hope that with the scheme, we will be cutting down the crime statistics and at the same time enjoy a peaceful time living in the area. The scheme will also prevent outsiders from enjoying free parking indiscriminately along our roads and in front our houses. We will be able to enjoy more space!


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