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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Field Upgrade

26 Nov 2015  
RT and RA committee members at a discussion with YB Yeo Bee Yin and MBPJ officers on Central Zone field upgrade.
1. The flooring of the basketball court is made up of a foundation layer of asphalt with a top layer of rubberized material for greater shock absorption and sound dampening. This material is not as hardy as the concrete flooring which we had earlier. We are advised not to place heavy and hard objects or furniture on the basketball court as this will damage the flooring. 
2. Exercise equipment which were scheduled to be installed this year will be delayed to 2016 due to insufficient budget from MBPJ.
3. A better water conveyance drainage system, which prevents ponding of water on the field will be also be in the plan to be constructed in 2016.
4. MBPJ to trip overgrown trees in the field as well as other parts of the Central Zone.

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