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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Selangor Targets 24-Hour Pothole Fixes With New Filler Premix Read

Called Cold-Mix Carboncor, this new premix formula is what road maintenance contractors in Selangor will be using to patch up potholes within the state, which during its launch at the JKR office in Gombak was cited to allow potholes to be fixed within 24 hours of being reported.
Zaidy Abdul Talib, State Infrastructure and Public Facilities Committee chairman, said that concessionaires would be instructed to patch up every pothole within their respective areas as soon as possible, with a loose time frame set at within one day. Using the excuse of low or insufficient funding would not be accepted, writes The Star. 
“In the past, concessionaires only patched up potholes based on a budget but now they have to patch up every pothole,” Zaidy said, adding that the bidding process for the new five-year agreement have already begun as the current concession agreements will end on December 31st.    Read more ......

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