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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Security Update

During community policing last night at the Central Zone, Kpl Zamzuri has reminded us to be more vigilant during this period because from their statistics, there is usually a spike in criminal incidents close to a festive season. We are advised to contact the police if we see any suspicious activity in the neighbourhood. 

1) Late May - Robbery at Jalan SS20/26
A lot of cash was stolen. Intruders entered in a black BMW. Happened during the daytime. Case is under police investigation.

2) 6 June - Burlary at Jalan SS20/4
Cash and computer stolen. The owner's small garden cangkul and hand fork found inside house. Front gate and glass door not locked. Grill was locked. No sign of break-in. Owner suspects intruder squeezed through the grill. Police report has been made.

3) 6 June - Jalan SS20/6 : In the morning, the owner realized a pair of crocs and ladies' undergarment stolen. Shoe cabinet was wide opened. 

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