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Friday, November 2, 2012

Meeting with the OCS

Despite the rain last night, the OCS of Damansara Utama Police Station, Insp Mohd Zul Azri together with Sgt Hamdan, Kpl Azmi and Kpl Zahrein arrived punctually at 9:00 pm to meet with some residents at the Central Zone Community Policing Cabin to discuss the security situation in SS20.

We were told that the there were no reports of criminal cases for the past 2 weeks but the police alerted us to be cautious because it’s the rainy season now and through their experience, house break-ins are very common during the rainy season.

All residents are therefore, encouraged to call the SS20 police hotline 016-6840009 whenever they see any suspicious character or activity, because if the crooks are around and they see the police patrolling, this can greatly deter them and avoid any crime from happening. But if a crime has already occurred, please call 999.

As such, residents have requested the police to increase their patrolling in SS20.

Also, if you will not be home for a few days, you can fill up a form and inform the police so that they can pay extra attention to your house when they patrol around that area. You can obtain these forms at the Central Zone Cabin or at the police station.

Residents also requested the police to check out on a group of foreign workers staying in a house on Jalan SS20/11. 

On another note, the police advised us not to withdraw money from ATM machines late at night, especially if the ATM machine is located at a quiet area. And, if after withdrawing money from the bank or ATM machine, you discovered that your car tyre has been punctured, drive straight to the nearest police station.

The residents thanked the police for spending their time to talk to them and appreciate the opportunity to bring up their security matters.

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