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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Attempted robbery

Fri, 4 pm, 9 Nov

Car window smashed while being parked at Jalan SS20/1 near the pedestrian bridge. Smart tag and 2 pairs of sunglasses stolen.

Fri, 8 pm, 9 Nov
Attempted robbery at house on Jalan SS20/16. 
Father and son just reached home. They went into the house and left the front door open. 
2 men with ski mask and armed with parang then jumped over the wall.
The son ran up to his bedroom, locked the door and shouted for help. 
Burglars tried to break down the bedroom door.
Back neighbour heard the shouts and the noise, triggered the burglar alarm and called the police.
Burglars did not managed to break down the door, decided to run off on hearing the burglar alarm.
Very lucky nobody was hurt and nothing was stolen.

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