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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Be careful - Band of Thieves Striking Customers at Pavilion

Extracted from PJ Community Alert
shared by Taz Lan

Date: 28 July 2013
Location: The Loaf, Pavilion
Time: approx 230pm

As my family were choosing some bread & pastries, came a group of men (foreign-looking, possibly Filipinos) charging through the customers who were queuing to pay.

Then, my son noticed one of the men wearing a black shirt pick-pocketing an elderly man. 

My son wanted to alert the man but one of the group members stared at my son as if he would do something to my son, so my son kept quiet. 

I was standing outside & saw one of them putting something inside his sling bag but didn't suspect anything until my son told me about the incident.

After they had left, my son approached the man & the staff to relate what he had seen.

Only then the man realised his wallet was missing. Approx loss was RM1000 cash + personal documents.

The Loaf staff said, this group is active on weekends & just last week, a customer lost his ipad. 

I had seen this group earlier at Parkson barging through customers. There were about 10-15 of them in the group. 

One of them looked familiar like one of the men in the RapidKL bus pickpocketing group (early this year) who punched the Chinese fella who wanted to call the Police on his handphone.

Please beware of this group as they are known to stab you if you try to stop them. Thank god my son kept his cool.

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