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Friday, January 17, 2014


15 Jan, 11:40 am - Suspicious behaviour
A white Proton Saga stopped in front of house at Road 13. Man from car went down and shook the gate. The owner looked out from upstairs window. Man went back into car and drove off.

16 Jan, 6:45 pm - Suspicious behaviour
Resident and his son were riding their bicycles along Road 19 when a man on a motorbike rode right in front of him. He shouted at the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist rode off. The resident immediately informed the police. A short while later, the police caught a snatch thief in SS21 whose shirt and motorbike matched that as reported by our resident.

House Security Inspection
If you receive a notice as shown below in your letterbox, it means that the police has checked your house during their patrol. If your house is not properly secured, it will be recorded in the notice.

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