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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Security Briefing by Police - 2 Jan 2014

Happy New Year! Unfortunately, we have a couple of incidents to start off the new year.

Robbery, Jalan SS20/1
3 Nepalese were robbed of handphones and cash in front of Wisma TA. 

Attempted Robbery, Jalan SS20/13, today at 2:50pm 
The sliding door of the house was slightly ajar. There were 7 family members including the maid inside the house. Suddenly, 2 well-dressed masked men jumped over the wall and rushed into the house. They drew the curtains and told the house owner in Cantonese that they were here to ‘kau choy’. When the men were about to go upstairs, one of them received a call on his handphone and both the men rushed off and left without taking anything. The men were seen going off in a white Mercedes S Class.

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