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Saturday, October 19, 2013

RA SS20 Central hosts their inaugural annual dinner

The dinner was held on Thursday, 17 Oct at the Central Zone Cabin. It was well attended by almost 100 people, members and guests.

Guests for the night were YB Tony Pua, representatives from RT, Southern and Northern Zone RA, Insp Zul Azri (OCS Balai Polis DU), DSP Jipa, Sgt Hamdan and other police personnel.

The dinner was also a pre-celebration of Deepavali as well as to bid farewell to DSP Jipa who has retired and Sgt Hamdan who will be transferred to Kota Tinggi.

The night began with the welcome speech by Dato' Dr Vincent Ng, Chairman of RA SS20 Central. He thanked all the RA members who were so supportive of the RA and pledged to have more activities and community projects that are beneficial to the community.

This was followed by a speech from YB Tony Pua. YB is very supportive of our RA activities which include social, security and environmental. 

Specifically for security activities, YB Tony reiterated his understanding that our local police force is performing their duties as best as they could with the limited personnel. However, residents continue to fear for their security and carry out various actions like employing security guards, closing roads, etc. 
Some of these actions run foul of the local authorities and YB Tony has consistently emphasized the need for these authorities to view each Taman’s uniqueness in their layout and connectivity to other areas when allowing these security actions. 
The residents’ actions are solely to make their own area safer and local authorities should focus their effort on more pressing issues like illegal stickers/posters, shop operators occupying public parking bays and unhygienic eateries, to name a few.

Residents enjoyed their buffet dinner and appetizers were sponsored by the CP Group which also sold some of their food products at a discounted price to the delight of the members. The night ended with many members going home with bags filled with frozen foodstuff.

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