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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robbery at SS21/11 Damansara Utama

Received the following email from Damansara Jaya Residents and Owners Association (DJROA)

"This happened on 15/10/13 about 9.00pm at SS21/11 Damansara Utama. 
Four Chinese men, well-dressed, travelling in a Mercedes, stopped in front of a 2-storey terrace house, prised open the auto gates, rushed in with parang to the grill door and rapidly prised it open. 
A family member watching TV in the house, on hearing the noise, wondered what happened outside, unlatched the main timber door to take a look. The robbers simply rushed in. Within 5 minutes, they robbed the family of cash and valuables, and fled in their Mercedes car.

What could the security guards do to help? Apparently nothing! They only knew when the victims reported after the robbers had disappeared.

Such robbers can easily pass through security guards and drive around the residential area looking for easy targets. Once they spot an opportunity, they can act very fast. They are well-equipped with crow-bars, huge spanners, parang, etc. They are experts in house breaking. They act so fast that by the time the security guards smell anything, if at all, these criminals have fled. Don't even think of the police arriving to catch them.

Be alert always. This can happen to anyone, anytime. Always lock your gates, grills, doors, and don't hang around outside your house alone, with doors open, as if inviting the robbers to come in. They won't thank you for it. Maybe chop off your head!!"

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