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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Attempted Snatch Theft from a Car

Snatch thieves no longer use motorcycles to commit crimes nowadays. They are now using cars instead.

In a latest attempt on Tueday, two snatch thieves used a multi-purpose vehicle to grab a woman's gold chain. However, the woman narrowly escaped them in Desa Aman Puri, in Kepong.

In the incident which occured at 12.26pm, the footage was captured via a dashboard camera by another motorist. The video that was submitted to Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign by Lim Kwee Han.

The video showed the woman walking past a stationary car before a man in the front passenger seat pounced on her in attempt to grab her chain.

However, the woman struggled to fend off the attacker and managed to escape.

Civilians are advised to be on constant alert for the car with the number plate, ADN 1555.

Desa Jaya police station official said the woman has yet to make a police report on the case.

He said the victm should make a report at the nearest station to help police in their investiagtion into the crime.

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