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Friday, November 1, 2013

Dengue cases spike due to current wet weather

PETALING JAYA: Dengue cases went up by 19% the past week to 1,680 cases compared to the previous week (1,408) - the highest recorded over 10 years - mainly due to the wet weather.
Selangor registered the largest increase with 1,142 cases (272 cases the previous week).
The cumulative total of reported cases of dengue fever nationwide from January to Oct 26 is 28,707 cases, a 58% increase from the same period last year (17,847), the Health Ministry said in a statement.
It noted that Selangor saw a significant upswing in cases since June, with 323 of the 408 current outbreak areas found in the state.
Out of the outbreak areas, 54 were identified as high-risk hotspots - 26 in the Petaling district, 19 in Hulu Langat, eight in Gombak and one in Sepang.    read more ..... 
Dengue prevention in the home
1. Tip out water from things like flower pot bases, plastic containers or tin cans. .
2. Store anything that can hold water undercover or in a dry place, including tyres, gardening equipment, toys, pails.
3. Throw out any rubbish lying around your garden like leaves in gutters, fallen palm fronds and unused containers or tyres.

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